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Association of physical function with connectivity in the sensorimotor and dorsal attention networks: why examining specific components of physical function matters.
Boyd MC, Burdette JH, Miller ME, Lyday RG, Hugenschmidt CE, Jack Rejeski W, Simpson SL, Baker LD, Tomlinson CE, Kritchevsky SB, Laurienti PJ.
Associations of physical function and body mass index with functional brain networks in community-dwelling older adults.
Laurienti PJ, Miller ME, Lyday RG, Boyd MC, Tanase A, Burdette JH, Hugenschmidt CE, Rejeski WJ, Simpson SL, Baker LD, Tomlinson CE, Kritchevsky SB.
Brain working memory network indices as landmarks of intelligence.
Khodaei M, Laurienti PJ, Dagenbach D, Simpson SL.
3M_BANTOR: A regression framework for multitask and multisession brain network distance metrics.
Tomlinson CE, Laurienti PJ, Lyday RG, Simpson SL.
Desire and craving measured using behavioral ratings and brain network topology differ significantly among moderate to heavy alcohol consumers.
Peterson-Sockwell H, Veach LJ, Simpson SL, Fanning J, Laurienti PJ, Gauvin L.
Neuroanatomical differences in Latinx children from rural farmworker families and urban non-farmworker families and related associations with pesticide exposure.
Khodaei M, Dobbins DL, Laurienti PJ, Simpson SL, Arcury TA, Quandt SA, Anderson KA, Scott RP, Burdette JH.
Differences in brain network topology based on alcohol use history in adolescents
Kirse HA, Bahrami M, Lyday RG, Simpson SL, Peterson-Sockwell H, Burdette JH, Laurienti PJ.
A regression framework for brain network distance metrics.
Tomlinson CE, Laurienti PJ, Lyday RG, Simpson SL.
Longitudinal relationship of baseline functional brain networks with intentional weight loss in older adults.
Burdette JH, Bahrami M, Laurienti PJ, Simpson SL, Nicklas BJ, Fanning J, Rejeski WJ.
Altered Default Mode Network Associated with Pesticide Exposure in Latinx Children from Rural Farmworker Families.
Bahrami M, Simpson SL, Burdette JH, Lyday RG, Quandt SA, Chen H, Arcury TA, Laurienti PJ.
A mixed-modeling framework for whole-brain dynamic network analysis.
Bahrami M, Laurienti PJ, Shappell HM, Dagenbach D, Simpson SL.
Brain Network Analysis: A Review on Multivariate Analytical Methods.
Bahrami M, Laurienti PJ, Shappell H, Simpson SL.
Aging and neural vulnerabilities in overeating: A conceptual overview and model to guide treatment.
Rejeski WJ, Laurienti PJ, Bahrami M, Fanning, J, Simpson SL, Burdette JH.
North Carolina Cognition Conference, February 2023.
Brain Working Memory Network Indices as Landmark of Intelligence.
Mohammad Reza Khodaei, Paul Laurienti, Dale Dagenbach, Sean Simpson.
Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) (virtual conference), June 2022.
Differences in semantic interpretation of desire and craving in healthy alcohol consumers.
Hope Peterson, Veach L, Sean Simpson, Fanning J, Paul Laurienti, Gauvin L.
Society for Neuroscience, an Francisco, CA, USA, November 2022.
Alterations in functional connectivity within the Default Mode, Salience, and Motor networks during alcohol cue viewing following alcohol abstinence.
Hope Peterson, Robert Lyday, Tomlinson C, Rejeski WJ, Sean Simpson, Jonathan Burdette, Paul Laurienti.
New England Science Symposium (NESS) (virtual conference), May 2021.
Heartbeat counting is not associated with subjective interoceptive awareness or autonomic function in daily drinkers.
Hope Peterson, Sean Simpson, Paul Laurienti, Rejeski WJ.
Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) (virtual conference), July 2020.
Differential functional brain network topology during periods of normal drinking and abstinence in moderate to heavy alcohol consumers.
Hope Peterson, Mohsen Bahrami, Sean Simpson, Rejeski WJ, Paul Laurienti.